The digital world, is much like the physical world, it is a very human place. Tied together by 1's, 0's, and our individual stories. It reflects each of us in the weirdest and most brilliant ways. It’s a sounding board, and a vessel that can be endlessly navigated.

Here are some things that I have gotten inspiration from along the way, both on and offline.

Your Personal Curator of Cool

Stefan is a ‘dealer of things vis SMS.’ Send him a message to join the club and he’ll text you a few times a week with random products and content. You can even purchase things directly through text (using Stripe). The entire experience takes on a humorous tone and a personal touch. What’s in a name? […]


Spot Check: Dell “Beginnings”

I really dig this new spot from Dell, promoting the ‘beginnings’ of various well-known companies including Whole Foods, Dropbox, Gilt and more. Bonus points for using a song performed by The Felice Brothers. #1band1brand #BrandCollabo